Not In A Million Years: Review from Vibewire

22 November 2010
By Lara Drieberg

Not in A Million Years explores the lives of ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. The production features a montage of seven feats, unique to in the history of mankind, yet manages to remain expressly human. The fragility of the human experience is depicted by the resilience of man kind contrasted with jealousy, anxiety and fear. Based on true stories that whisper of ‘miracles’ Not In a Million Years leaves you feeling grateful for the quiet of anonymity.

Whilst a picture may paint a thousand words a breadth of emotion is told through movement. Set to hauntingly pretty music that effectively leaves you tingling in your seat, Not in A Million Years utilizes unique infusions of movement and dialogue. Dance theatre really does surmise the dynamic; the company is not afraid to get experimental which results in a piece that is original in more than the sense that it is new.

The ensemble of four stands out for their versatility.  Projected text set the scenes and effective choreography translated stories through the performers’ bodies. The intimate performance space furthered the authenticity of the emotion. Some parts were overwhelmingly harsh but they recovered from this and were able to switch momentum easily. The dialogue interjected humour into the raw strain of their narratives and kept it from getting too dark, which made it easier let go of the protagonist and switch between story lines.

An intriguing use of minimalist props facilitated movement between storylines. The narratives were expressed through more than words and it was interesting to watch the combination of mediums evolve. Whilst the staging never changed its manipulation effectively altered the settings entirely. These brilliant re-workings were the strongest aspect of the show.

For a company whose focus is collaboration they complete the mission successfully. Force Majeure’s originality is intriguing- definitely a company to keep your eye on.

Read the review online at here.


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