Food Tour: On the road with Jack Horton

FOOD, our co-production with Belvoir is currently on tour for 15 weeks from July – October 2014. The touring party will visit 19 locations across the country and blogging about all things FOOD along the way.

Fifth stop on the tour was was Bathurst where Jack Horton (Production Manager) tucked into a mean breakfast…

Bathurst. At least it wasn’t as cold as Orange. We were here for 3 days of glorious cold sunshine, not that I saw much of it. I spent most of it inside a theatre focusing lights and listening to sound cues over and over again. But the few brief times I did get to spend outside reminded me why I rather like Bathurst. One such time was spent enjoying a rather scrumptious hangover breakfast at the Hub on Keppel St. Sitting outside with the vines, the sparrows and the Amelie soundtrack playing in the background, myself and Damien (our head mech & truck driver) tucked into an incredible breakfast that soothed the head and filled the belly. The menagerie of chicken sausage, bacon and some of the best chorizo I have had in a long time complimented superbly with the sweet potato rosti, tomato, field mushrooms and wilted spinach with a Sriracha hollandaise sauce on the side, made for a perfect start to the morning. We were changed men afterwards I can tell you that.



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