Danielle Micich & Philip Channells on OFF THE RECORD

Gregory Lorenzutti

In August 2016 our new commission Off The Record will premiere in Carriageworks’ 2016 Season. Co-produced by Force Majeure and Carriageworks in partnership with Dance Integrated Australia, Off The Record brings together a diverse group of artists in an exploration of the rituals that govern the way we live; weighing up the consequences of playing it safe versus breaking the rules.

Co-directors Danielle Micich and Philip Channells recently spent a week together in Sydney ahead of the project’s creative development in December. They took some time out of their busy schedule to answer some questions about the project…

Q: How are you feeling about launching into the project?
It’s exciting times, especially being my first production with Force Majeure as Artistic Director. Having just completed auditions and preparation for the project’s creative development, I can’t wait to move into the studio with our cast in December.
Philip and I have such a great rapport and we’re generating some exciting thoughts and ideas around dance theatre making together. We’re challenging ourselves, challenging our performers and challenging our audience.

Q: What does it mean to be doing a co-pro with Force Majeure?

I’ve always been a big fan of Force Majeure’s work. The opportunity to collaborate with the company and with Danielle, especially in the context of working within a devised process with artists with and without disability, is such an honor. I hope Off The Record will be a great example for other organisations to consider working with more diversity.

Q: Tell us something you’ll be exploring in the creative development?
Danielle & Philip:
We’ve created a series of 20 questions around the theme of breaking rules, which we’ll give to the cast to generate stories and narratives around individual responses. We’re interested in the performers’ documented histories, such as assessments of their aptitude, personal characters and health, in order to find out where in their lives they may have started to break the rules. We’re really interested in finding lightheartedness in the private and deeply personal stories we uncover, and investigating ways to give a voice to things that are rarely discussed i.e. ‘off-the-record’.

Q: What have you discovered about each other in the process so far?
Danielle & Philip:
We have recently been going to see shows together and have found that we have a similar aesthetic and seem to appreciate the same types of work. In the devising of the questions for the development we have discovered things about each other we didn’t know, fun things, lots of fun things.


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