Meet the artist: Elle Evangelista

Elle taking part in the DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab. Photo: Hayley Rose

Briefly describe your history with Force Majeure.
Force Majeure invited me to teach warm up class once a week during the season of Off The Record in 2016. Since then, Danielle was an outside eye on Ghenoa Gela’s work for the Keir Choreographic Award in which I was a dancer. I worked as a Lead Artist on FLOCK and was with the company when they took FLOCK to Festival 2018 in which I also performed in Mura Buai.

What is your current role at Force Majeure?
I will be Support Artist during INCITE. This involves being the point of contact for the participating artists, supporting them and Danielle Micich and Kate Champion. I’ll also be in the room documenting the intensive.

I’m also really excited that Force invited me to be Stage Manager for the first development of their new work. This is brand new for me but I have a secret dream to work as a Stage Manager, so when I received the email I was really excited! Because it’s the first development there won’t be any “real” stage managing to do but I’ll be managing the space and making sure Danielle has everything she needs to continue creating the work.

Although I am a dancer, I really pride myself on having diverse skills and am always keen to learn new things within the arts. I never wanted to be a dancer who just danced. There is so much that goes on behind the scenes and I am really enjoying having more experience on the other side. I also entered into the industry literally as funding was decimated. So I feel having many skills and being open to working in so many different ways is vital.

What is your favourite thing (or things) about working with Force Majeure?
My experience with Force has always been positive and I’ve always felt very well looked after as an artist. They do all the things that make working a little bit easier whether that’s getting you a contract early, making sure your transport is organized or making sure you’re well fed! All those little things don’t go unnoticed and means as an artist you can focus on doing your job. They are a small team so its fantastic that they take the time to make this a priority.

I also love that you never know what is going to happen in the room when working with Force. There is a certain openness when working with Danielle that all that is offered is valid. And that is really liberating when you know that everything you bring will be considered and heard. Force Majeure also champions diversity in both the work they create and who they get in to make the work and that’s awesome.

Why do you enjoy working with Danielle Micich? What have you learned most from her?
This is a big question. My response to this question is both so big and actually quite personal. I first met Danielle when I was about 18 years old and in Perth. I still remember the very first note she gave me. So there are practical things that I’ve learned from Danielle but also things away from the studio.

I think the things that stand out for me when I reflect over our relationship are to be open to ideas and people, challenge ideas and people, like what you like and don’t what you don’t. And recently we were talking about things happening when it’s the right time for them to happen…

What is inspiring you most at the moment?
I read Spark Joy by Marie Kondo earlier this year and I think it’s effecting me more than I realized. Perhaps not in the direct way she intended it, e.g. around your house, but in other ways.  I’ve been trying to find joy in as many things as I can each day and I guess curating a life of joy around of me. Ironically, or perhaps rightly, I’m really enjoying it. It’s fun and helps me align my priorities.

Which artist’s work are you finding most exciting right now? Why?
My own! Haha! I’m super excited about my own work. I think you should be most excited about the things you are working on or why bother doing it? (I guess this is a good example of the Spark Joy in my life). Especially as you can never know someone else’s work as intimately as your own. I’ve got a good mix of things going on that have many influences and ideas behind them. I’m heading toward different goals whilst picking up new skills along the way. And that’s the stuff that excites me.


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